Name: Sadie

DOB: 10/15/2010

Sex: Female

Color: Lemon Beagle

Location: Southern California

We found out right away that what Sadie really loves is to settle in for a nice, cozy nap. She made herself right at home, taking over the entire loveseat before she went off to her new foster home.

Her foster mom tells us Sadie is figuring out her way with her pack and is settling in very well – and has already figured out the doggy door!

She’s a typical beagle meaning she likes to eat, she loves to play, and she follows her nose to michief!

We’re sure she’ll become even more beagle-y after she gets her dental work done and is spayed and all the rest of her medical issues addressed. Sadie is really just a sweet golden girl who doesn’t want or need much more than a soft warm bed in a house where she belongs with a family to call her own.

A city shelter is no place for a 12-year-old beagle, a golden girl, but that’s where was Sadie was, and no one came to claim her as their own and take her home to a soft bed and loving care. So we thought, “we can do that.”

Since Sadie isn’t spayed, the first order of business was a trip to the vet to get spay surgery scheduled. Of course, we found out she has a lot more going on: several mammary tumors on both sides (thank you so much for not spaying this little gem so she can suffer with mammary tumors that could be cancerous); a hernia, terrible dental disease and several loose teeth. and several other tumors, too.

She may require two surgeries because they can only do so much, safely, in one surgery. Her first surgery is scheduled and will happen soon and we’ll see what we’re able to do for this little dumpling.

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Hi Future Family!

Do you have a comfortable couch? I will need a couch. 


Love, sadie

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