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Why We Do What We Do

Until the day when animals are no longer used for research and testing, we work to help as many as possible have the chance to live as beloved family members, raise awareness about animal testing, and educate all to know that former research animals can have happily ever afters.


Our Mission

Cage to Couch provides medical care and loving homes to rescued laboratory research survivors and other animals who have suffered neglect and abandonment and cruelty and abuse, including seniors and those with special medical needs.


Our Vision

Our vision is a humane world where humans do not impose suffering on animals.

We strive to be a model for turning compassion into action by fostering empathy and humane treatment for animals through rescue, education, and advocacy.


In 2019, according to  USDA statistics, 58,511 dogs and 18,270 cats were used in research and experiments in the United States alone.


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profiles in courage

Please visit our Profiles in Courage page, where we share photos and stories of rescued animals and their happy-ever-afters, proof of what love and kindness can do for a broken heart and neglected and abused body.

We hope you enjoy these stories of rescue and rehabilitation.

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It’s our honor to share tributes to the departed, and we hope you’ll spend a few minutes in Memento, reading these sweet remembrances.

If you’d like to make a donation in honor of your furry family member who has passed on, we’d love to share your tribute and photos of your loved one.

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superheroes welcome

We are dedicated to saving animals who often require medical care beyond general wellness, vaccines, and spay/neuter.  Our animals often face major surgeries and costly medical treatment.

Superheroes’ recurring donations help us be able to ensure the very best care for our survivors.

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partners in compassion

We’re grateful for support from, and eager to partner with, businesses who are interested in and feel a passion for our mission.

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The Scoop

Artificial Tissue on a Chip Could Replace Animal Testing

Animal testing could slowly be replaced with experiments using artificial tissue thanks to groundbreaking work using lasers done by the Vienna Technical University (TU Wien) in Austria.

The idea behind the research was the creation of artificial organs in a procedure known as delivering an "organ on a chip" or "human on a chip."

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U.S. House Passes Legislation to End FDA Animal Testing Mandate

"Our drug development paradigm needs a reboot, and this bill moves us in that direction in one simple but meaninful way... Animal tests, in large part, are not predictive of the human response to drugs, with very high failure rates when the drugs go to clinical trials."

Representative Vern Buchanan, R. Florida

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