you work at a research facility and have animals you're ready to release...

We Can Help

Our hope is that at the end of study, whenever possible, the decision will be made to release animals to a trusted rescue.

We want to be that trusted resource for you.

We have years of personal experience and know that laboratory dogs and cats can adjust and adapt to life in a home environment and live happy and healthy lives.

We work with facilities, from private laboratories to major research universities, either directly with management or animal care representatives or intermediaries.

We will take in any cat or dog at any age, from pup to senior, and with any medical or behavioral special needs.

If you have other species you are ready to release, please contact us and we will help facilitate their release.

be assured there is…

No Cost to You

Cage to Couch covers all costs associated with the release of animals from your facility.

We pay for everything, from transport to supplies needed to any required veterinary aftercare.


we take care of…


We will take care of all of the arrangements and cost of transporting animals from your facility to us, working with you to schedule a convenient time and place.

We can come to your facility or meet at an agreed upon location across the entire United States.

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Your company name, location, type of research, or any one individual’s name, will not be divulged by us to any persons outside of our organization.

If an NDA is required, we are open to signing an agreement. 

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At-The-Ready Homes


We have a large network of ready and willing, vetted and experienced foster and adopter homes across the U.S. and can facilitate the release of just one animal or many.