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About Us

We Make Full Hearts

The purpose of Cage to Couch is to rescue animals and then find the perfect forever home for all of the animals we save. Our very thorough adoption process has been devised to help us with that goal as our duty is to make sure these animals have a happy and healthy rest-of-their lives.

It is our privilege and pleasure to usher them off to this next chapter of their lives – the best chapter!

About YOU

You’re Ready to Adopt!

You’ve found “the one” and you’re ready to make the lifelong commitment to welcome this rescued survivor into your home and make him or her a member of your family.   You understand Cage to Couch rescues animals who have come from, at the very least neglectful backgrounds, and at the worst abuse and cruelty. Your superhero superpowers are unending love and kindness. We’re thrilled you want to adopt one of our kiddos!

What to expect

Adoption Process

Apply to adopt

Include as much detail as possible. If you’re interested in a specific animal, make sure to let us know.

phone interview

One of us here at C2C will contact you to schedule a phone interview.

home check

After the interview, if all goes well and we’re in agreement to move forward, a virtual home check will be scheduled.

reference check

The references you have provided will be contacted.

adoption fee

The signed adoption agreement and payment of adoption fee means you’re taking home your new family member!


I've applied. How long before I hear from you?

We typically are able to respond within two to three days but there are times when we receive a high volume of applications and emails and in those times, we may be delayed. Please be patient! Our rescue is run by volunteers and they’re working hard for the animals! If you haven’t heard from us within a week after applying, please send a follow-up email to:

Where do I see the animals available for adoption?

Many of our rescues are confidential and, unfortunately, we’re not able to share them on our website and/or social media. For those that aren’t confidential, you can see them on our “Sidekicks in Waiting” page. We post our new rescues on social media – Instagram and Facebook – so remember to follow us and let us know right away by emailing us at if you want to adopt a survivor you see there!

Do I need to reapply for each animal I'm interested in?

No, not at all! We’ll keep your application on file for at least one year. Just send us an email at and let us know which animal you’re interested in adopting.

How much is the adoption fee?

Our adoption fees are: dogs: $550;  all cats: $250. Seniors and special needs will be discussed with interested potential adopters.

Can we do a meet and greet?

Once you’re approved, we’ll coordinate with the foster for meet and greets with all of the approved applicants interested in a specific animal. 

Can I foster-to-adopt?

Yes, you can apply to foster with the intention of adopting – just let us know upfront that’s your intention.  We will be in continuous contact with you throughout the foster period, checking in on how it’s going. Just let us know when you’ve decided for sure that you want to adopt and, if everything is going well, we’ll ask you to complete an application to adopt and get the process started!

Do you charge an adoption fee?

Yes, there is an adoption fee. We are a non-profit rescue, funded by donations and fundraisers and grants. We spend an average of $600 per animal rescued as every animal we take in goes to the vet right away for a thorough vetting, including diagnostics. Most of our rescued animals require more than just one vet visit, often needing medical treatment and/or surgery. The adoption fees help us with those veterinary expenses and allow us to provide excellent health care for all of our rescued animals.

What kind of testing was done on my laboratory survivor?

Generally, the facilities don’t share those details with us, or, if they do, we aren’t able to divulge the information to you as a condition of release.

I made a mistake. This isn't working out. Should I take the animal I adopted to the shelter?

No. We will take back the animal you adopted. Please contact us and we will take back the animal immediately. Your adoption contract will state you must return the animal to Cage to Couch and expressly forbids you from dumping the animal at a shelter.


Sign up for a monthly recurring donation and become a Superhero!

Recurring donations help us relax just a little bit… we know we have support so we can give our rescued survivors the veterinary care they need and deserve to live out the rest of their lives in the best health we can help them achieve.

Apply to Adopt

We’re excited you want to adopt one of our survivors and are looking forward to chatting with you.

You can submit a general application and we’ll reach out to you if we think you’re a match for one of our rescues or you can apply for a specific animal. Either way, we’ll be in touch!