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Lend a Hand and Heart

Cage to Couch is dependent on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers; we could not do this without them.

We are always in need of loving and caring humans who share our  passion for saving animals and placing them in their forever homes.

Whatever your interests or skill set, we have a spot for you!


Social Media

Are you the one taking the photos at all of your family and friends get-togethers, editing on the latest and greatest photo app, applying the PERFECT filter, and posting before anyone else has pulled their phones out of their pockets? Got 24,383 photos of dogs and cats on your phone?

Oh, please apply. Please.

Speak up

Events & Fundraising

You know all the neighborhood dogs’ names AND their humans’ names, too! You love to chat and aren’t afraid of a little debate (because people have opinions).

More than anything, though, you want to save animals and are more than happy to ask others to help you do that.

We need you!

Give a lift


You drive a Honda Fit, but when you open the doors, somehow out saunters a Great Dane along with a Mastiff, two Chihuahuas and, of course, a beagle. You can drive and listen to arooing and barking and keep your cool. You always have dog treats and a slip lead in your glove compartment in case you come across a lost dog.

You’re our kind of person.

show up

Rescue Time

You’re not afraid of a little dirt… or dog poo. Your idea of fun is chasing after just-rescued un-neutered male dogs feeling friendly and stopping them from… being inappropriate with the others.

You have a good understanding of “dog cues” and have experience in dog handling or are willing to learn.

Rescue is a dirty business. Welcome to our chaos.


Apply to Volunteer


From administrative help to transporting, to repping C2C at events, graphic design, social media posting…

from three hours a month to five hours a week…

All help is gratefully accepted.