Name: Penelope

Age: 4 months old

Sex: Female

Color: Fawn

Location: Southern California

We knew she was adorable, of course, but we didn’t know that Penelope would be so sweet!

This little puppy loves to be held and kissed and to sleep all snuggled up with her furry foster siblings and her human fosters, too!

Little P is full of energy despite her broken leg and full of puppy-style fun and trouble! She is at the age where she chews EVERYTHING! But she’s smart and is already learning not to do some things, like chew on the corner of tables, electric cords, typical puppy mayhem! 

Little Penelope was found on the street with a fractured leg and brought into a very overcrowded Southern California animal shelter.

Penelope was in the shelter for ten days with no rescue interest when we learned of this little nugget. We are so happy we get to help Little P!

X-rays showed a clean break and she is being treated medically, wearing a splint for several weeks, which is not easy for this energetic pup! She sees the doc regularly for checkups to make sure everything is healing well and bones are knitting and has to have her bandage changed a couple of times a week or more – if she gets it wet!

Penelope is still going through her puppy shots so can’t be in public but loves, LOVES to play in the backyard. She’ll need to be spayed in a few months, too, but we anticipate a full recovery and no restrictions on her mobility once her leg is healed.

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Hi Future Family!

I can hardly wait to meet you!

I hope you’re ready for fun and lots of snuggles!


Love, Penelope

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