Name: Mei

Age: 4 years old

Sex: Female

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

Mei arrived from overseas April 2, 2023, and, while she has not yet been adopted, she is doing FANTASTIC in her foster home.

Mei is a VERY playful and fun and GOOFY girl! She gets along with everybody, though she can be a little shy at first.

She’ll chase cats but only to play, and will stop immediately when told, “no”.

Mei circles when she’s nervous or anxious and before meals. And when we say she circles, we mean she spins like a whirling dervish or a tornado. Before meals, if she can’t circle, she gets upset. Mei has to spin.

Mei is just a very sweet, very fun, very beagle-y beagle: She will get into the recycling, into the garbage, will steal food off of counters – ALL the beagle antics. She is great on leash and good in the car.

She loves a cozy bed, and she loves, LOVES attention. She is happiest curled up next to you on the couch. Mei is joy and love, pure and simple.

Mei made a very long trip from Beijing to Los Angeles in hopes of getting some medical help for her eyes and ears. Though Mei is only three years old, this sweet little beagle girl has been suffering with undiagnosed eye and ear maladies for a long time. Mei had been rescued by a one-woman rescue who had several dogs, and when she passed away, other rescuers tried to take dogs into their care. We were asked if we could help Mei come to the U.S. and get medical help, and we were happy to be able to say yes.

Mei’s ears are both completely closed due to severe infections; she screamed when the doctor touched her ears. Due to the severity of the infections, it’s not even possible to look into her ears or clean them; no cleaner can penetrate the closed ear canal.  Mei tilts her head and walks in circles and appears to have impaired hearing, probably from the infections.

To add to her discomfort, Mei has a condition called Keratoconjunctivitis sicca – dry eye, so severe there’s a film over her one eye that looks like a cataract. She can see but it does seem like she has some difficulty.

She’s been started on medications for her ears and will go back to the vet in a week for another treatment. We’re hoping that the first treatment will have helped to open the canal somewhat. We’re trying to avoid a surgical procedure.

Mei is now having three different eye medications administered twice daily and we’ll monitor for improvement.

With all of this pain and discomfort, you’d think Mei would be sad and grumpy but in true beagle fashion, Mei is a happy little thing! Yes, she’s a little chubby and we’ll have to address that, too, but she’s already running around the yard with the other beagles and finding her way to claim a favorite spot on the couch.

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Hi Future Family!

I came a long way to find love and comfort.

I’m so happy to be here and I’m waiting patiently for you to find me.


Love, Mei

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