Name: Hobbs

Age: about eight years old

Sex: Male, neutered

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California


Hobbs had two surgeries, one on each knee, and both of those surgeries were double or triple surgeries, involving ACL repair and patellar luxation repair. Hobbs went through two different recoveries with restricted movement and did fantastic – always in a good mood and ready to go, no matter how much he had to hobble.

We are still challenged with losing weight but he is working on it. Hobbs started a new arthritis medication and it has improved his mobility greatly. The allviation of arthritis pain is a game changer for this fella, and he so deserves to be pain free! He’s now much more mobile and active, and even will almost run when he’s excited to get going on his walks! He bounces up and down when he’s excited, something he could never do before.


Out assessment prior to surgery:

Hobbs’ cruel confinement obviously wreaked havoc on his body so our immediate focus is alleviating pain and working with his veterinarian on a journey to physical wellness.

Hobbs is quite overweight at 50.5 lbs. but he has several physical issues going on, too. He has a grade two to three heart murmur and x-rays revealed an enlarged heart and liver. X-rays also showed evidence of patella luxation in both knees, along with very probably ACL tears in both knees, too. Poor fella also has severe arthritis in his elbows, probably due to shifting his weight forward to alleviate the pain in his knees.

We’re working on helping Hobbs lose some weight with a reduced-calorie diet along with gentle walks, and he will undergo an echocargiogram to assess his ability to undergo surgery for his knees.

So you would think Hobbs would be a bit of a grumpster with all those physical issues but guess what? Hobbs is a sweetheart who loves to be loved on and he is quite playful! Every day, he reveals another little something about his personality and each day, we fall more in love with this sweet beagle boy.

For four years he was waiting… waiting for someone to rescue him from his confinement so he could show us what a gem of a guy he is and steal some kisses and some hearts.

Hobbs suffered four years of cruel confinement, kept in a crate in a barn with no heat or cooling year-round, let out only for a few minutes each day.

This sweet and playful fellow has a grade two to three heart murmur and x-rays revealed an enlarged heart and liver, and Hobbs has probable ACL tears in both knees along with luxating patella in both knees, also, with one kneecap completely and painfully out of alignment.

He has severe arthritis in his elbows, probably due to his shifting his weight forward off of those painful knees.

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Hi Future Family!

I already have some nicknames: Habanero, Mr. Hobbs, The Hobbster,  Thief of Hearts.


Love, hobbs

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