Harry Styles

Name: Harry

Age: One year, two months

Sex: Male, neutered

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California


Like his famous namesake, Harry is super cool and super sweet with a little bit of spicey. We also think he is super handsome!

Harry was freed from the Envigo facility just over a week ago and is still quite timid and shy and hesitant around people. He is just starting to come forward to a gentle touch but is eating great and enjoys exploring his yard.

When Harry stepped out of his crate the night of the rescue, we noticed he wasn’t putting any weight on his back leg. He was the first one of the beagles to get to the vet, and we started him on some medications to see if he would improve. While he did show some improvement with medication, x-rays taken when he was neutered show torn ACLs – in both knees!

Harry has some more challenges ahead, possible surgery and a tough recovery and rehabilitation but we know he will get through it and come out on the other side running!

We’re looking for a longterm foster or adopter who can help Harry through his surgery and recovery. We know it’s a big ask but we think this little guy who spent the first year of his life in a cage – probably injuring himself from jumping at the cage door to get out – deserves ALL the tender loving care.

We can hardly wait for him to be well and healed so he can live his best life!





Harry is one of 4,000 beagles rescued from Envigo, the mass breeding facility that shut down following an investigation, having received multiple violations for animal welfare, including inadequate veterinary care and insufficient food.  Envigo breeds beagles to sell to testing laboratories; if not for the investigation and legal proceedings, Harry would have been sold to a laboratory for research.

Harry traveled from Virginia with hundreds of his fellow Envigo-mates to come to California to find his forever home.

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