Name: Elea

Age: est. 3 years old

Sex: Female

Color: Grey and White

Location: Ohio

We’ve only had Elea in our care for a couple of days at this point (March 13, 2023). We will update this page when we know more, as we’re just arranging her first veterinary appointment.

The shelter took her to the vet and, beyond the obvious that she is quite thin, they diagnosed Elea as anemic, mildly elevated liver and pre-kidney values and she was positive for Demodex mange. They started her on IV fluids and medications for mange and secondary infections.

She’s now at home with her AWESOME foster mama and she’s sleeping well through the night, is starting to give her some enthusiastic wiggles, and loves blankets, snuggles, and naps!

We can’t right all the wrongs, undo all the damage done, or mend all those broken and betrayed, but we can do whatever we can about the misery in front of us.

Elea was picked up as a stray, and when a good friend of C2C reached out and asked us if we would help her help Elea, we,  of course, wouldn’t say anything but yes.

Elea obviously has suffered severe neglect and abuse. Now, Elea will learn there is such a thing as human kindness, and her journey to better health and happiness begins.



Ask Us - We Love to talk about Elea!

Hi Future Family!

I’m more than ready for some love and kindness.

I promise I’ll give you much love in return.


Love, Elea

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