Name: Dolly

Age: estimated to be three years old

Sex: Female

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

Dolly is adjusting to the changes in her life, new places and new people. She is doing very well but is especially dependent on Eddie. She looks to him and follows his lead. 

Dolly is shy but when she does warm up, she gives very sweet little kisses AND she’s quite playful!

Dolly is part of The Big Three: these kiddos came to us from a bit of a hoarding situation. A son, wanting to do the right thing, had to step in and take them from his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The Big Three are the last of more than 12 dogs. 

The son, of course, could not keep more than 12 dogs himself, but he didn’t want to take them to the shelter because he promised his father he would make sure they found good homes. He reached out to us for help and we promised him we would not let him down.

The Big Three are the sweetest team, with Eddie definitely being their trusted leader. Dolly looks to Eddie for everything and follows his every step. Dolly is sweet and playful and a little shy.

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Hi Future Family!

I’m Dolly from The Big Three!

I can hardly wait to meet you and start my new life!


Love, dolly

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