Name: Chevy

Age: Three years old

Sex: Male

Color: Grey

Location: Southern California

Chevy is a very sweet, playful, fun little guy. He took to his wheelchair super fast, getting the hang of it and is quite fearless and FAST when he’s on his wheels.

Chevy gets along well with female dogs but as he’s not yet neutered, he’s not great with male dogs. We are still working with the veterinarian on his care and treatment plan. We intend to neuter Chevy when the vet says it is safe to do so.

Chevy also loves to chase cats. He can’t catch them but he thinks scooting after them is great fun.

He loves to be cuddled and gives sweet kisses.

Chevy’s paralysis has left him incontinent but he does great in a diaper.

Chevy was surrendered by his family when they weren’t able to care for him after he became paralyzed.

Ask Us - We Love to talk about Chevy!

Hi Future Family!

I’m just a little bit differently-abled, that’s all.

I still love to play, love to eat, and love to cuddle. 

You’ll see. You’ll love me.



Love, chevy

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