Name: Boosa

Age: One-and-a-half years old

Sex: Female

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

Boosa and her two puppies are settling into their foster home and we’ve already learned that Boosa is a very sweet, affectionate beagle who loves to be pet and gives kisses.

She’s a good little mama but she’s ready to have an empty nest!


Boosa had an appointment to be surrendered to the shelter, along with her seven four-week-old puppies and her puppy daddy, Bruno, when an animal lover stepped in to save this little beagle family.

Unfortunately, five of the puppies were given away – at way too young of an age to be taken from their mama – but this animal lover reached out to us to help with Bruno and Boosa and the last two puppies. 

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Hi Future Family!

Just give me a few weeks to get my little babies on their way, then I’ll be ready for my forever home.

I can hardly wait to meet you!



Love, boosa

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