Name: Boo

Age: Two years old

Sex: Male

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

Boo is doing AMAZING in his foster home! He has made so much progress surrounded by a group of dogs who are showing him the way.

Boo loves, LOVES other dogs and we have found that other dogs are often the key for laborator survivors to learn how to “be a dog.”

Getting more confident and learning to trust more and more each day, this sweet beagle boy is slowly learning that humans can be kind and loving and we see him changing every day.

We traveled far to bring home Boo, along with six other laboratory research beagles, and the trip was well worth it.

These seven beagles are just starting to settle into foster homes and are still quite fearful and skittish. Boo is extremely fearful of humans but loves other dogs and loves to play and run. He is VERY fast!

We learned right away that they are all sweet and playful with each other and, of course, they all love food!


Ask Us - We Love to talk about Boo!

Hi Future Family!

I’m just learning what it’s like to be a loved member of a family.

I think I’m going to like it.



Love, boo

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