Names: Audrey (formerly Loki)

Age: about eight months old

Sex: Female, spayed

Color: Grey and Tan

Location: Southern California

Audrey is very playful – she’s a KITTEN! And very social. She loves people, loves to be pet, to be played with, to get into mischief and just generally be kitten-like.

Audrey has a great imagination, zooming around the house, getting into everything she can!

This little blue-eyed beauty is sweet and fun and so, so soft!


Audrey, along with her brother, was abandoned in the parking lot of an apartment complex. A Good Samaritan picked them up, afraid they would be hit by cars or run over, and brought them to Cage to Couch.

They’ve been in foster care here, getting all their kitten vaccinations and being spayed and neutered.

Audrey’s brother Moki was adopted but Audrey, (formerly Loki), is staying here at C2C headquarters, still reviewing applications for her forever home.

Ask Us - We Love to talk about Audrey!

Hi Future Family!

Got a lap? I’m on my way!


Love, audrey

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