Name: Olaf

DOB: 3/19/2020

Sex: Male, neutered

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

Olaf hit the ground running when he got to his foster family’s home! He joined a pack of beagles and fit right in, like they’d all been waiting for each other!

Olaf loves to run and play, loves to cuddle with his foster mom, and loves, LOVES mealtime.

This beagle boy is all boy, all fun, all cute!

Olaf was rescued from an animal testing laboratory in December 2022, and made a challenging journey from the east coast to California in the middle of a snowstorm through a blizzard!

Olaf spent his first three years in a cage in a laboratory.

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Hi Future Family!

I’m ready! Come and get me!


Love, olaf

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