Name: Kobe

Age: about a year old, estimated

Sex: Male

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

Kobe is doing FANTASTIC in his foster home! He has a furry sibling and they love to play together

Kobe is a young, energetic beagle boy who loves to play and run and get into mischief. He is also very sweet and loves to cuddle.


Kobe was adopted out and returned to the shelter – TWICE – and then the shelter reached out, wanting Kobe to go to a rescue who would have the resources and time to find the best home for him. He is a young beagle with a young beagle’s energy. He didn’t do well in an apartment.

We are happy to help Kobe find his forever home!



Ask Us - We Love to talk about Kobe!

Hi Future Family!

I’m waiting for you to find me!

Kind of impatiently.


Love, kobe

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