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Hobbs suffered cruelty and abuse, confined for over four years in a crate in an outbuilding with no heat or cooling.

Amazingly, though, this seven-year-old beagle is a sweet fellow who greets us with exuberant tail wags and kisses, loves to have his backend scratched, and loves his ears and belly rubbed!

Sadly, though, Hobbs is suffering from a myriad of physical ailments that are affecting his daily life.

He is quite overweight at 51 pounds and has patellar luxation in both knees, along with ACL tears. Hobbs has severe arthritis in both elbows, probably from shifting his weight forward to relieve pain in his knees. He has a grade two to three heart murmur and x-rays revealed an enlarged heart and liver.

First up for Hobbs was some medication and supplements to help with inflammation and pain while we proceeded with diagnostics. The veterinarians recommend surgery for both knees (so two surgeries) but an echocardiogram was needed to asses Hobbs’ ability and risk for surgery.

Luckily, Hobbs is cleared for surgery and his first procedure has been scheduled!

Following recovery from his first knee surgery, we’ll assess Hobbs and, if all is good, he’ll undergo another surgery for his other knee.

Hobbs loves, LOVES to go on walks. He is full of curiosity and wants to get out and amongst ‘em. We are committed to doing everything we can to help Hobbs live out the rest of his life as healthy as he possibly can be, so he can do all the things beagles love to do and should get to do.

Hobbs has waited long enough to be free to beagle.

Sadie was abandoned and ended up at a shelter at 12 years old.

This sweet little beagle golden girl is fitting in beautifully with her foster pack and we’ve learned Sadie loves to run and play but also loves her naps and cuddle times.

Sadie was probably used for breeding as she was never spayed. She has many mammary masses and other tumors that need to be removed, along with a hernia and severe dental disease with several loose teeth.

We think Sadie should have nothing but the best and we’ll make sure she gets all the veterinary care she needs to live out the rest of her life in health and happiness.

Our own Harry Styles was one of the 4,000 beagles confiscated from the shuttered Envigo breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia. Harry was finally free from his horrific prison the last day of August, 2022, but stepped out of his cage unable to put weight on one leg. We learned that Harry had two bad knees, requiring two surgeries.

This one-year-old beagle wants to do nothing more than run and jump and play! He is such a fun, sweet, goofy little beagle boy and we’re so happy he made it out of Envigo and to us!

Harry has already had one surgery and is recovering well, though VERY bored with crate rest! He will have another surgery after he’s fully recovered from his first, and then, after another long, boring recovery, Harry can get back to being the very beagle-y beagle that he is!