Name: Bailey

Age: Three years

Sex: Male, neutered

Color: Tri-Colored

Location: Southern California

 Bailey’s been in his foster home for a few weeks now and he’s already getting more adventurous every day. He’s even gone to the dog park! Granted, he only lasted about 15 minutes and was so nervous his foster dad decided they should leave, but he met some new people and gained a little more confidence!

Bailey lives with a little human and is doing very well as an older furry sibling. 

Already doing zoomies around the house and finding his way to a bit of michief, this little beagle boy is nothing but sweet and loving and, of course, cute!

Bailey was rescued from an animal testing laboratory in December 2022, and made a challenging journey from the east coast to California in the middle of a snowstorm! through a blizzard!

Bailey spent his first three years in a cage in a labortory.

Ask Us - We Love to talk about Bailey!

Hi Future Family!

I think I’m going to get to be pretty good at being a beagle. 


Love, bailey

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